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The Bagley Boys' Vintage Baseball Shoot | Greensboro Family Photographer

Katie contacted me about doing a themed shoot of her boys, when she described what she wanted it sounded awesome and like so much fun.  When we got together the weather was perfect, and her plan was executed perfectly.  I had the hardest time narrowing it down because there were so many fun and full-of-emotion shots I got that I couldn't stand the thought of discarding them:/  Maybe she can make a book with all of them;) *As a side note, she wanted everything in a warm B&W but there were a few images (as you'll see) I couldn't just do in B&W, they screamed color to me! _ASH0099 _ASH0079bw _ASH0275 _ASH0482bw _ASH0517 _ASH0338 _ASH0466 _ASH0073 _ASH0495 _ASH0449 _ASH0352 _ASH0560 _ASH0434bw _ASH0434bw _ASH0412 _ASH0367 _ASH0344 _ASH0388 _ASH0325 I asked the boys to come with me and sit on this bench with no other direction than that, here's what I got: _ASH0319 perfect. _ASH0270 _ASH0107 _ASH0392 _ASH0331bw _ASH0219 He kept sliding all over the place (on purpose) and it was darling. _ASH0218 _ASH0204bw _ASH0298 _ASH0189 _ASH0174 _ASH0119 _ASH0561 _ASH0295 _ASH0278 _ASH0563 _ASH0062bw


Greensboro Family Photographer | The Suco Family

I loved taking the Suco's family photos last year.  The light, their outfits, everything was perfect.  This time around Becca wanted to do a fun photo shoot of her kids playing with the grandparents who are visiting from Ecuador. What a treasure for everyone! Among all the grandparent and playing shots we were still able to sneak in a few of just Becca, Frank and the kids. I have a feeling they'll be getting some new prints for their home very soon;)  As I was looking through last year's photos I noticed two things.  1. Carolina has started smiling a lot more and she has a beautiful and really cute smile, and 2. Mateo still has daddy long legs for eye lashes. Seriously, do you see those things?! They're gorgeous and never-ending!
_ASH9720 _ASH9771 _ASH9969 _ASH9888 _ASH9958 _ASH9728 _ASH9874 _ASH9784 _ASH9811 _ASH9699 _ASH9820 _ASH9838 _ASH9896 _ASH9964 _ASH9753 _ASH9946