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Greensboro Newborn Photographer | Alice

It's always great seeing old friends and meeting their families. Hannah and her sweet new baby girl, Alice were no exception. I photographed Hannah's brother's breathtaking wedding and I'm so glad she loved the pictures enough to think of me for newborn pictures nearly two years later!  I hope you love your pictures, I loved taking them:) Hannah's mother, Alice came along for some pictures with this perfect little baby, too:)


Greensboro Newborn Photographer | Luca

I met Diana shortly after moving to Greensboro almost 4 years ago. Carleton and I found out I was pregnant in September and Diana works at my dr.'s office. It's always so refreshing to see her big smile and hear, "hey honey how are you doing, today?!" She's such a sweetheart and I was so excited to find out she was pregnant and that I'd get the privilege of taking Luca's newborn pictures. Without any further ado here's gorgeous baby Luca at 15 days old:)


Greensboro Newborn Photographer | Luke Newborn Pictures

Almost 3 years after this awesome day and 2 kids later, these two still got it goin' on:)

Congratulations on another beautiful baby boy, Luzwick family. You are truly blessed and I'm truly blessed to know you! Oh hey there, buddy!


Greensboro Family Photographer | Cayden 2 year pictures

This was supposed to be Cayden's two-year photo shoot but it turned more into an Isom family session because although Cayden is still just as cute as he's always been, he's WAYYY more energetic and I couldn't run fast enough (through really tall grass) to stay far enough ahead of him:) I had to enlist the help of mom and dad to hold him or hold his hands just to keep him still enough for me to grab some cute pictures of this super cute kid! 

 It's always fun catching up with them, I've had many shoots with them and look forward to capturing many more good memories of their family! 

Keep smiling, keep running, keep sticking that cute tongue out when you throw your head back laughing, you are absolutely perfect and SO loved exactly the way you are, little guy.

 'Til next time, happy birthday, Cayden!!


Greensboro Child Photographer | Ella

I met Ella's mom a couple weeks before when I photographed her adorable twin babies. I wasn't able to keep my image count down with them, and that trend continued with their beautiful, spunky, sassy, energetic, full of life big sister, Ella:)

Ella will be 8 soon and is being baptized so I was asked to take some pictures to memorialize this special time in her life. It was wonderful to see her interact with her family, in the short hour that I spent with her I could tell what a wonderful sister and friend she is to her siblings.

At the end of the session she said something to the effect of, "If I keep doing all these poses I'm going to forget how to stand for softball!" With that statement (and a laugh) pictures were a wrap.

Thank you, Ella, for being an all-star poser and cooperator! Oh my goodness, did I mention her hair. I'm sooo in love with it, sigh.