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Greensboro Photographer | Angie & Winslette

It was my honor to photograph Angie and Winslette earlier this week, the love, respect, and adoration they have for each other is so apparent. I hope you love them, Angie! _ASH2963_1 _ASH2812 The next two make me smile...and laugh:) _ASH2893 _ASH2894 _ASH2763 _ASH2940 _ASH3184 _ASH3047 _ASH2865 _ASH3051 _ASH2803 _ASH3213 _ASH3025 _ASH2880 _ASH2933 _ASH3120 _ASH3125 _ASH2787 _ASH3155 _ASH2843 _ASH3244 _ASH3257 _ASH3143


Greensboro Family Photographer | The Robinson Family

I met Kat and Elliott at an ugly sweater party (thanks, Holts- we miss you!) almost 6 years ago and saw them usually once a year at those parties for a few years after. Their sweaters were always so impressive and they usually (or maybe always) won. They weren't married at the time but oozed love and happiness together and were so fun to be around. Six years and one kid later, they still have that bright spark between them that's obvious in the way they look at each other and interact. It was so fun to catch up and photograph their beautiful family. Elliott, what a fantastic Christmas present (last year) if I do say so myself;) I hope you love the pictures!! _ASH2601 _ASH2480 _ASH2442 _ASH2422 _ASH2367 _ASH2360 _ASH2337 _ASH2414 _ASH2510 _ASH2659 _ASH2579 _ASH2599 _ASH2381 _ASH2412 I couldn't resist... _ASH2657 _ASH2408 _ASH2485


Greensboro Family Photographer | The Tanner Kids

The Tanners have become regular clients of mine over the past few years. I love their growing family and always have the easiest time getting (too many) beautiful pictures. The trouble is trying to narrow them down! _ASH1938 _ASH2050 _ASH1942 _ASH2014 _ASH1956 _ASH1986 _ASH2027 _ASH2064 _ASH2070 _ASH1978 _ASH2016 _ASH2076 _ASH2089 _ASH2095 _ASH2099 _ASH2120 _ASH2145 _ASH2135 _ASH2151 _ASH2161 _ASH2173 _ASH2182 _ASH2188 _ASH2195 _ASH2212 _ASH2238 _ASH2254 _ASH2111