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Hilary | Chapel Hill Portrait Photographer

Hilary was a great sport, she did whatever poses we suggested. Narrowing down the pictures we liked was difficult. I think she finally narrowed it down to 160! Here's just a few various ones. Unfortunately for her, she sat next to me watching me edit them, I don't think she'll ever look at another picture the same in her life:( Thanks for being a good sport, an awesome friend, and making my job so easy with your natural beauty and glow!


Lauren Darlene said...

These are phenomenal! Hilary is breath taking in all of them.

Hollywood said...

AMAZING job! Hilary is gorgeous isn't she :)

Sabrina said...

Ashley, Great job! I am so happy that you are working with Amy, you will have so much fun. Did you receive the CD and dit it work? I am sorry for the wait, my computer was not behaving.