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Singin' & Smoochin' in the Rain! | Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer

Seth and Jen are AWESOME- ever since I saw some hot pictures of people kissing in the rain, I have been wanting to take some myself. Amy researched like crazy to find out how to do the lighting to get the raindrops and how to keep us (or at least the cameras) from getting soaked and come Saturday we prayed for rain! The only problem-I'M SO INDECISIVE! I keep trying a few different tricks here and there and then I like the same picture ten different ways and I can't decide which one I like best-that's where you come in, which edits do you like best? Thanks Jen and Seth for being so willing and fun, and Amy thank you for being the best to work with and giving me the opportunity to try out so many fun things- rain or shine:)


Anonymous said...

you are too good!!! ~Jen~

Hollywood said...

love these!! I like the third one down of the pic with lake in background and hand in pocket. What is that effect called?

clauss house said...

I can't remember exactly...maybe a Vintage wash with an urban texture?