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Jen & Seth | Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer

Again, I love this couple, they are so cute and country! When I look at their pictures, songs like "Cowboy take me away", "She's country", and tons of cute country love songs come to mind. I love the variety in the shoots we've been doing lately from city/urban to barns/fields and everything in between! Can't wait for your wedding in just 2 weeks guys!

As I was taking pictures of them up there I noticed Jen was laughing a little and saying the cows really liked me...
I turned around and these guys were RIGHT behind me. This is after I backed up a little in order to give the camera something to focus on!

The End!


Hollywood said...

incredible photos ashley!! each has a big or small part of it that i love! love her posed on the back of the horse! the barn shot (man those cows did get close)! her on tip toes! in his arms with the lights along the barn ceiling and horse in background! and the classic as they ride away...amazing!

clauss house said...

thank you, Holly!