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Jen and Seth Finale | Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer

I love this couple. Have I said that before? Really, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have favorites, but if so, this couple is way up there-I think it all started with getting up close and personal during rain pictures-which is the very first time I met or even saw either of them. (Amy and I seriously are the luckiest photogs ever with our amazing clients!) Anyway, here is a short recap of the day beginning to end!
With the bubbles and all the bling in her rings it's hard to tell that there are rings in her glass, but they're just that shiny!

post-wedding, this was so them, I loved it!
She looked like a princess, so we had a Cinderella moment and she and her prince pulled it off perfectly, as usual with these two!
Don't drop the bride!

She has the cutest looks and smile, and she's pretty much ALWAYS super happy, I love that about her too!
I love this one because I love that she's like "yes, he's mine" and the people behind them are like "dang, they're so cute"
Making their exit
And they're outta here!
I had so much fun shooting with you guys, thanks for so many great memories and awesome pictures!

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Sabrina said...

Great job on the pictures!