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Sky & Teish | Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer

Skyler and I have been really good friends since we were kids, and I have loved Teisha since she and her family moved to Chapel Hill several years ago. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found out they were getting married and they decided to hire Amy and I to do their pictures. Here's a peak at some pictures I took last night! Skyler has the most striking blue eyes, and Teisha has this color I can't quite describe, a light brownish-hazel? I'm not quite sure, whatever it is, it's beautiful. She's got such a romantic look to her, especially with that beauty mark next to her left eye. Thanks guys for getting eatin' alive by mosquitos with me to get some good pictures!

1 comment:

K.L.C. said...

Teisha looks sooo beautiful, esp in the first one!