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Jillian | Chapel Hill Newborn Photographer

Meet Jillian, she was 8 days old when these pictures were taken. I'm not sure what it is with babies not wanting to sleep when I'm around, but I think they still turned out great and although she never went to sleep, I was able to time some shots perfectly with her blinking, yawning, and sneezing so she appears to be sleeping:)
I think this one is my favorite


jami said...

i love, love, love them! you are a very talented girl and your timing was great! i can't wait to get some hung up on our walls!
thanks tons!

Bush's said...


Ben and Rachel said...

Ok, so I'm unofficially making an appointment for my boy to be photographed by you when we come for a 3 week visit in February. You are so talented!

Lauren Darlene said...

great job! I love the newborn shoot, its hard but you mastered it!