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Erica & Annalise | Chapel Hill Twin Newborn Photographer

What could be more precious than a newborn baby to photograph? Two newborn babies! Let me tell you, it is double the work, double the feeding, double the everything, but also double the reward and double the cuteness. They were so precious, one of the girls was so tired, and she'd fall asleep, but as soon as she knew she wasn't being held she'd wake right up wanting her momma or grandma again.

Also, just in time for this shoot, I have two new props which have jumped to the top of the favorite list with the snap of the first picture. I'd been wanting some gnome hats with long tails for a long time, and I was looking at my friend, Ashley Ward's, pictures of projects she'd done for her kids. I had NO idea she was so talented at knitting! Seriously, she's awesome. I told her I'd been wanting to find some cute knit hats, then she volunteered to try em out and make them for me, thank you again! It was love at first sight when they got here Friday!

Finally, a big thank you to Teresa, photographing twins was something I've been wanting to do for some time now, and they were perfect!


Teresa said...

Too precious, you did a phenomenal job.

Julie Walker said...

So adorable! So creative and lovely! Great job!

Hollywood said...

love, love, love these!! Their two faces in the heart, the santa hats & your new gnome hats. Just adorable! This family will cherish these pictures for years!

Ali and Josh Holt said...

i LOVE THEM ASH! I cant wait for you to do baby boys pictures...and I have an awesome hat you are going to want to steal from me :) Wish I could take the credit in making it! Great Job!

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

these are so awesome!!!

Amanda Palmer said...

What great pictures...cutest babies ever as well!!