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Thorpe Family | Greensboro Family Photographer

The Thorpe family again, this time with their newest addition, sweet Vera. Both times I've taken their family pictures they just look amazing! You can really tell how much they love each other through these photos I think! For this post and the next one I'm taking a vote of which ones are your favorites for a special Christmas surprise...please help me out by telling me what you think!

On a side note...every time I take Elsa's pictures, I can't help but think that's EXACTLY what Reese Witherspoon must've looked like as a little girl.


Anonymous said...

I choose... you pikachu!

Much to difficult. I should be studying.

3 and 4

Anna said...

Elsa totally has a Reese Witherspoon shaped face! I never noticed it before. I think it is how her chin and cheeks look when she smiles. I really am not going to be much help here with 1 fave. My 3 faves are 3,4, and 5. Sorry, I can't narrow it down anymore past that. =)

Hollywood said...

My favs: 4 & 5. I like the last one -- if only we could see the baby's face. Oh there is only so much a photographer can do ;)