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Ali 2 | Durham Maternity Photographer

Round two! After we got some pictures indoors we decided to throw on more clothes and head outside. The lighting, the subject, everything was perfect...although a little chilly! Ali, once again, was up for any ideas I had, so she went with it when I left my mind run wild and made her climb all over the place-on top of walls, trees, the list goes on-she was a really good sport! I figured if I'm going to make a pregnant woman climb in a tree, then I'll climb it too to get some shots from above, sometimes I wish there were a third person there to take pictures of how ridiculous we must look getting into position!


Doreen said...

The 5th one down is my FAV! So cute Ash and Ali...and josh, I guess.

Hollywood said...

oh wow...look at pic 12. the reflections! you're awesome, as always!

Jess said...

These are beautiful! Where were they taken?