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Good Genes.

My husband graduated from Duke Law School on Saturday, congratulations, honey! When we found out our brother-in-law was graduating Sunday instead of Saturday we JUMPED at the opportunity to attend his graduations (MBA and Law) from William and Mary, Go Karl! We wanted to be there to support him, but we also just really miss them and wanted to see their two beautiful girls, Elsa and Vera. The last time we saw Vera she was a newborn and couldn't smile or play with us, now she's crawling and pulling herself up and so much fun to be around!

People often ask when Carleton and I plan on having kids...well we have a lot of cute on both sides of our families to live up to!

No matter which side our kids get more of their looks from, I think it's a safe bet they'll be pretty darn cute, after all check out this pretty girl, Taylor, from the Condie side:
And this beauty, Vera, modeling the Clauss side of the family:

*disclaimer, I must also give credit to the Bush family for Taylor's cute face and the Thorpe family for Vera's.


Allison said...

another set of cheeks to masticate, I see...

Anna said...

Ahh, yes, your kids are going to be goregous,no doubt about that! Thanks for those angelic pics of V-force! We had a great time on Sunday.