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Chanelle & Mat | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

I LOVED working with Chanelle and Mat, they are some of the most kind, sincere people I've ever met. Chanelle was absolutely gorgeous with her blue flowers that matched her stunning blue eyes, and her beautiful dress complete with an antique veil.

They were married at St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church in Raleigh.

They both have AWESOME eyes!

I'm a HUGE fan of gray suits, I think it looks soooo good.

Chanelle and Mat wanted to be near each other without actually seeing each other before the ceremony. With three minutes to spare before the ceremony I ran and grabbed Chanelle (who was already waiting upstairs for the ceremony to start) so they could have a quick moment together. And what a moment it was! Chanelle put her hand on his shoulder and immediately got teary-eyed...that's when the bridesmaids started feeling a little moisture in their eyes too. I was so glad I got to share that really special moment with them.
Back upstairs!

Chanelle is the best jumping bride I've ever seen, and this isn't even her best jump...but it was everyone else's:)
They had a rockin' wedding party, loved the shades!

Have fun in Costa Rica, guys. I wish you both all the best!

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