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Courtney & Rod | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Courtney and Rod had a HUGE wedding party, but it fit right in with their wedding since they had 400+ people in attendance.

This TOTALLY reminds me of my husband anytime I ask him to smile or be in a picture.

This little guy was NOT a fan of pictures...or walking down the isle. The first time I took his picture he came towards me and put his hand over the lens. This happened a couple times until I finally put it away until he got halfway down the isle. That's as far as he got, he turned around and came back:)

Their sweet ride from the ceremony to the reception site.
They had their reception at Revolution Mill Studios, one of my favorite reception sites in Greensboro.

These guys "took" my picture!
I loved their bride/groom glasses.

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Amy said...

Love the shot of the guys shooting you!