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Heather & Joel | Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer

Heather and Joel were married on a cool January day.  It couldn't have been a nicer event, and I couldn't be happier for the newest Mr. & Mrs. :)

HeatherJoel11HeatherJoel7ASH_0634 ASH_0343 ASH_0113 ASH_0220bw ASH_0324 ASH_0214 ASH_0248 ASH_0199 ASH_0265 ASH_0189_1 ASH_0254 ASH_0263 ASH_0188_1 ASH_0370 ASH_0430 ASH_0449 ASH_0429 ASH_0481 ASH_0613 HeatherJoel ASH_0610 We switched roles for a few minutes and had the guys pose like girls and the girls pose like guys... ASH_0621 ASH_0625 ASH_0624 Alright ladies, now let's see the real "girly pose"... ASH_0630 ASH_0618 HeatherJoel6 ASH_0637 HeatherJoel3 ASH_0686 ASH_0684 HeatherJoel1 ASH_0672bw HeatherJoel4 HeatherJoel9 HeatherJoel13 Sorry for all the father/daughter dance pictures, there's just something about that dance I can never get enough of. It's especially sweet when you've known the bride and her father for almost your entire life! ASH_0825 ASH_0819 ASH_0824bw ASH_0815 ASH_0817bw ASH_0813 ASH_0830 ASH_0842bw ASH_0832 ASH_0875 ASH_0856bw HeatherJoel10 ASH_0918 HeatherJoel2 ASH_0799bw ASH_0930 ASH_0925 ASH_0688 HeatherJoel5 ASH_0874bw HeatherJoel12 ASH_0945 ASH_0947 ASH_0948 ASH_0949 Florist: University Florist

Reception Venue: The Carolina Inn
Bakery: Sugarland

1 comment:

Susannah said...

The photos of them kissing in the hallway and walking out into the bubbles are my favorite!