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Matt & Ann | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I love these guys!

I was really good friends with Matt our first semester up at BYU-Idaho and over time lost touch.  When his fiance, Ann called me up a few weeks ago to tell me they were engaged and wanted me to take their wedding pictures I was extremely excited for two reasons 1. Matt's getting married and he's a really top-notch guy, so I could only imagine he'd found someone as awesome as he is, and 2. Who doesn't like photographing a beautiful couple?!  Confession time: I only found out the latter part after stalking her on facebook to see a picture;) Busted!

ANYWAY, the SECOND I met Ann (five seconds before I started pulling her around and positioning her all over the place, seriously she's a great sport!) I knew we'd have a lot of fun and a ton of laughs during our our shoots.  She has such a beautiful smile and the most contagious laugh, ever.  Sometimes there are people who are beautiful, then there are people who are cute.  Ann is both, she's darling in a beautiful/cute/happy/funny/smiley/fun-to-be-around kind of way.

Ok so now that I'm feeling like a creepster sounding like I have a major crush on this girl I just met, let's get to the pictures!  I'm really just so happy for both of them, they're so cute to watch and loads of fun to joke and laugh with!  I can't wait for bridals and the wedding day!!!

ASH_4077 Matt Ann3 ASH_4258 Matt Ann1 ASH_4128 Matt Ann ASH_4156 Matt Ann4 ASH_4093 Matt Ann6 ASH_4247bw Matt Ann7 ASH_4076 Matt Ann2 ASH_4097 Matt Ann9 ASH_4266 Matt Ann8 ASH_4132 Matt Ann5 ASH_4143 Matt Ann11 ASH_4155 Matt Ann10 ASH_4083 Matt Ann12 ASH_4213 Matt Ann13 ASH_4251 Matt Ann14 ASH_4265
PS- we were competing with 5 highschools in the area who were having prom that night and all decided to go to Bicentennial Gardens for pictures.  Parking was a nightmare (think each couple plus parents, siblings, neighbors, grandparents etc. there to take pictures) whew and trying to not get 900 neon dresses in the background of each shot was also a task, but like I said, they were troopers and just rolled with it! 

I can't wait to photograph their wedding at the Raleigh LDS Temple!

1 comment:

Susannah said...

Awwww! You really captured how happy they are! I especially love the ones of her facing the camera with his back to it :)