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Katie & Joao | Harmon House Wedding Photographer

Katie & Joao were married last Saturday on a perfect summer day.  As I was getting ready for the wedding I thought, Katie reminds me so much of Kate Middleton...then a few hours later when I saw her in her dress, wow, I was spot on! Katie had one of the most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen. She truly looked like a princess and her groom fit well in the pictures looking like a prince himself.  The ceremony was held at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Kernersville followed by the reception at Harmon House.
J&K11 ASH_5212 ASH_5089 J&K6 ASH_5124 ASH_5142 ASH_5207 ASH_5125 ASH_5162 ASH_5172 J&K15 ASH_5197 ASH_5611 ASH_5179bw ASH_5140 J&K10 ASH_5180bw ASH_5136 J&K14 ASH_5198 ASH_5130 ASH_5620 ASH_5126 J&K8 The first glimpse: J&K ASH_5307 ASH_5338 ASH_5397 ASH_5401 ASH_5430 ASH_5439 J&K9 ASH_5432 ASH_5435 bustling: ASH_5447 ASH_5506 J&K1 ASH_5512 J&K16 ASH_5518 Katie's father asked me to take a picture of Katie like this (right) to put with a picture of her late mother doing the same thing, facing the other direction. Katie is wearing her mother's veil. J&K13 ASH_5552 ASH_5549 J&K2 ASH_5653 ASH_5655 J&K3 ASH_5721 ASH_5674bw ASH_5689 J&K12 ASH_5692 Sometimes something really funny happens and we all laugh, other times it's just the bride and nobody knows why...I think it was the latter in this picture;) J&K5 ASH_5725 J&K4 ASH_5719bw ASH_5750 ASH_5652 J&K17 ASH_5752 J&K7 ASH_5784 ASH_5807 J&K18 Rather than doing a typical garter toss, they opted for a something a little more sacred, a foot washing: ASH_5948 ASH_5962 ASH_5722 Thank you, Katie for choosing me to photograph your beautiful, blessed day.  It was such a privilege and I count myself lucky to know such a beautiful, wonderful person.

ASH_5659 I wish you both every happiness!

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