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The Suco Family | Greensboro Family Photographer

Becca e-mailed me a week or so ago saying they hadn't had professional pictures taken in a while (since their wedding!!) and that it was time. Ummm, I'd say so! With two darling munchkins now taking center stage in their lives, it's time the pictures on the wall showcase it;) 

Carolina, their beautiful 2-year-old is not a smiler, never has been and her mom made sure I knew that she knew we wouldn't get a bunch of smiley Carolina pictures, and that was ok. Having said that, she's simply gorgeous and I think we captured a lot of her personality as well as her smiley baby brother's. ASH_7205 ASH_7401 Suco8 ASH_7505bw ASH_7150bw stamp circle copy Suco We hopped in the library for a few fun and different shots, I love Carolina's mouth in this one and Mateo how he's just staring at me. ASH_7248 ASH_7258 ASH_7414bw Suco3 ASH_7456 Suco7 ASH_7186 Doesn't Becca have such great taste in clothes? We both wished (and still do) we could get Carolina's outfit in our size. Becca can style my shoots anytime! ASH_7286 Suco4 See what I mean, she's gorgeous! I love her big brown eyes ASH_7223 ASH_7399 ASH_7153 Suco6 ASH_7093 ASH_7406 Suco2 ASH_7454 Suco1 ASH_7449 Suco5 ASH_7331 ASH_7391 FYI- They do have pictures of their children (or at least Carolina) up, and I'm totally not knocking still having wedding photos up. I have wedding and family/Tinley pictures up in my home, and my parents, thirty-some years into their marriage have both as well. Anyway, now they can have some where they're all together, yay! And Carolina is even smiling in a couple, something her mom was totally not expecting. Surprise, Becca;)

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