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7.7.13 Model Shoot: Susan & Mike | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

About a month ago I received an e-mail from telling me they loved my photos and specifically that, "The affectionate and romantic photos of couples in (your) wedding gallery are amazing". Who doesn't love hearing that about their work?!

 I was excited to do a model shoot for them showcasing one of their dresses and when put to the vote, the Penelope gown won on my facebook fan page (like it!).  Once the dress arrived, and the CONTINUOUS rain cleared up for an hour or so, I grabbed some of my beautiful friends and snapped some stunning pictures of them and the dress:)

Evidently, it had just poured so we were pretty much the only people at the gardens, and every time I took my lens cap off I had to wipe the fog away and immediately snap a picture then repeat that process for every single photo! It did give a cool effect to some of the pictures though!

Per my norm, we took several and here are some favorites.  I might post more later...we'll see;) 

ASH_8593 ASH_8715 ASH_8766 ASH_8677 ASH_8711 ASH_8639 ASH_8753bw ASH_8682 ASH_8756bw ASH_8619 ASH_8717 ASH_8760 ASH_8726 ASH_8754 ASH_8672 ASH_8601 ASH_8739 ASH_8768 PS Would you believe this couple has been married 8 years and have 3 kids?!  They're smokin' hott together still! 

 Thank you, Mike and Susan for being such troopers during pictures!

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