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Jeff & Hannah Bridals | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

We had such a limited window for taking this amazing couple's wedding photos. With so little time we had to squeeze them in the day before the wedding, so we met at sunrise to take some beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. I hope you enjoy them!! ASH_1807 ASH_1887 ' ASH_1677 ASH_1754 ASH_1746 ASH_1878 ASH_1876 ASH_1673 ASH_1804 ASH_1784 ASH_1872 ASH_1905 ASH_1728 ASH_1856 ASH_1615 ASH_1672 ASH_1822 ASH_1809 ASH_1782 ASH_1759 ASH_1722 ASH_1669 ASH_1895 ASH_1902 ASH_1718 ASH_1656 ASH_1709 ASH_1923 ASH_1863 ASH_1695 ASH_1927 

PS- how GORGEOUS is her dress?!?!
Lastly, (Hannah's dad stop reading now!) they are such picture perfect kissers, for anyone who is planning on taking any kissing pictures in the future, take notes from these guys;)