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Sellmer Family Photos | Greensboro Family Photographer

The Sellmer's won their shoot by placing the winning bid in an auction last year. The auction was for a dear friend who was trying to raise money to adopt. The wonderful news...they brought home a beautiful brand new baby boy less than two months ago! 

I used to see Mary almost every single day, now it's seldom:( Seeing her different expressions during out shoot brought back so many memories and I just love the way Glenn is looking at her in the pictures where they aren't looking at the camera:)ASH_3351 ASH_3340 ASH_3344 ASH_3303 ASH_3321 ASH_3348 ASH_3350 ASH_3339 ASH_3319 ASH_3307 ASH_3288 ASH_3332 ASH_3305 ASH_3315 ASH_3269 ASH_3335 ASH_3293 ASH_3353 ASH_3286 ASH_3366 ASH_3425 ASH_3403 ASH_3268 ASH_3292 ASH_3401 ASH_3275 ASH_3373 ASH_3364 ASH_3354 ASH_3369 ASH_3260 ASH_3259 ASH_3370 ASH_3381 ASH_3396 ASH_3407_1 ASH_3411 ASH_3417 ASH_3430bw ASH_3438 ASH_3449 ASH_3453 ASH_3462 Can I just say Miss Cate has turned into quite the poser!!

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