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The Wells Family | Winston-Salem Family Photographer

I had a great (and FREEZING) time meeting the Wells Family a couple weeks ago! They were such troopers in the bitter cold and harsh winds:/ ASH_3969 ASH_4179 ASH_3981 ASH_3984 ASH_3993 ASH_4001 ASH_4004 ASH_4033 ASH_4194 I told you it was windy! ASH_4042 ASH_4048 ASH_4058 ASH_3999 ASH_3985 ASH_4073 ASH_4093 ASH_4050bw ASH_4088 ASH_4141 ASH_4096 ASH_4219 ASH_4062 ASH_4149 ASH_4290 ASH_4195 ASH_4143 ASH_4266 ASH_4288 ASH_4055 ASH_4211 ASH_4228bw ASH_4154 ASH_4315 ASH_4209 ASH_4276 ASH_4279 ASH_4217 ASH_4164 ASH_4306 ASH_4326 ASH_4316 ASH_4334 ASH_4341 ASH_4330 ASH_4311 ASH_4254 ASH_4296 ASH_4170 ASH_4231 ASH_4144 ASH_4342 ASH_4289 ASH_4260 ASH_4250 ASH_4298 ASH_4302 ASH_4262 Marybeth was the queen of natural, beautiful poses. I could've photographed her all day!

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