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Greensboro Family Photographer | The Quijano Family

I usually edit to absolutely nothing. No tv, no music, nothing. This time was different, I had my itunes library playing and it made all the difference. As I was sitting here editing a picture of Connor hugging his beautiful mom, the song "feels like home" started playing. I didn't even realize I was signing along until I started getting teary-eyed at the photograph's connection it was verbalizing. I know it's meant to be a (romantic) love song, but in that moment no words could have depicted more perfectly the picture of a mother-son loving, trusting, safe bond. And now on to the pictures:) _ASH1081 _ASH0953 _ASH0938 _ASH0800 _ASH0962 _ASH0880 _ASH0972 _ASH1076 _ASH0793 _ASH0980 _ASH0845 _ASH0813 _ASH0974 _ASH0772 _ASH1074 _ASH0747 
 one of my fave's: _ASH0810 _ASH1084 _ASH1089

1 comment:

Dallas Arthur said...

Beautiful! Oh I love his little eyelashes!