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The boy and me. Oak Island Beach.

Ok, I first must write my disclaimer. I did not actually take these pictures. I set up the camera, set all the settings the way I wanted them, got the angle I wanted and then passed the camera to my sister and mom. I've wanted to get some good silhouette shots for a while and kept coming up short since most of North Carolina is covered in trees. Finally we had a weekend with wide open space-woo hoo!

So here is my handsome husband and myself playing a little at the beach! Enjoy!


Amy said...

Love the sil's great job! I need to see what we can do on a wide open field!

Lauren Darlene said...

I love them all, seriously! Scrolling down I would always say, "OOOW this one is my favorite, WOW this is AMAZING too!" Nice work!

Hollywood said...

love, love, love! can't even pick a fav, the "love him, love her" flip flops is a cute idea. glad ya'll had fun at the beach!

e & d said...

once again, so impressed! thinking of kidnapping you and your camera next time we go down to wilmington to see drew's sister and our god-daughter!
want beach pics like those!