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Nikki & Sam | High Point Wedding Photographer

Nikki & Sam were a lot of fun to work with. The first time I met them was the day of the wedding, and Nikki was already calling me sweetie and honey, she is super nice and I'm sure becomes instant friends with everyone she meets. I'd been hearing that Sam was nervous about pictures, so I was afraid that it would make for some not so stellar shots, until I met him and the rest of the guys. They were all so fun, and totally worked the camera. I kept making them switch between serious and smiling faces, which made for a lot of laughing pictures in between smiles and trying to pull off the perfect poker face. Thanks guys for a great time!

They were married and had their reception at JH ADAMS INN.

1 comment:

Lauren Darlene said...

You do such a great job capturing the groom and his men on the big day. I honestly don't think I have seen anyone do a better job!