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Shannon & Russ | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this couple! Shannon is the sweetest, kindest, most genuine person I think I'll ever meet. I can't picture her ever getting angry for any reason. When I first met them for their engagement session, we did some nice day pictures in downtown Greensboro, then stopped for dinner and finished the night off with some great night pictures. What turned out to be something like 8 hours, felt like 2, with these two they make you feel like you're part of the family and they've known you for years. I absolutely loved their location, Hodgin Valley Farm, definitely one of my favorites if not my very favorite so far. There were soo many places to take awesome pictures and we only had time for a couple. I'd love to go back there! I'll stop gushing about these two great people so you can see the pictures, but I have a little bit of commentary for the pictures too:)
I love how these little ducks just jumped out of the water and walked perfectly into the picture.

which do you like better, I played with the top one until I liked it, now if you asked me how to re-create it exactly as it is...hmm I'm not so sure. The one below is how I've been editing pictures for a while now

I think the one below was taken when they accidentally kissed before they were supposed to, like halfway through the service, I told you they were super cute!
There are those ducks again, seriously, this place is gorgeous!

I love that they had a horse-drawn carriage

He sang a song for her, it was really cute and he is so talented!

I wanted to do this for Carleton's and my wedding for our "Thank You" cards, but come the crazy day of, totally forgot. I highly recommend it though, I think it's so cute, and it's a nice memento of the wedding!
You guys are so much fun, thanks for the memories!

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