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The Boy and Me. Bahamas.

I know what you are thinking, isn't this a blog of pictures you've taken?

Yes, it is.

I took all these pictures, I set my settings the way I wanted them, set up the camera on a rock and a book (in 25-35 mph wind), hit the timer and ran! I didn't edit these pictures because I wanted to show off how beautiful the natural colors were on this beautiful Bahama beach.

What, we like to kiss:)

The boy found a starfish for me!
He got a kiss for that too!
what kind of kisser are you? The deep dipper, the slight lean back, the tip toe neck-grabber?


Jessica said...

Gorgeous!! I love how all the beautiful colors blend!

Hollywood said...

love pic 2...what is that angle/shot called? And the starfish picture :)

SLOw said...

These are fantastic! You make me sick with how amazing you are pretty lady.