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Christian & Jessie | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Christian and Jessie were married on the first beautiful day I can remember in months! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and they were glowing. I love shooting weddings here because just less than a year and a half ago my handsome husband and I were married in those very walls:)

As we were leaving we wanted to get some pictures in front of the sign and Christian was such a gentleman to go get the car then jump out before Jessie had the chance to open her own door; he then proceeded to dropped her off so she wouldn't have to walk far in her high heels, looks like they're starting off on the right foot!

1 comment:

Hollywood said...

yes - it was a very nice day for a change. I like the third one from the bottom...captures just how happy they were/are! And of course the detail of her shoes and the rings :)