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Jeff & Nikki | Greensboro Engagement & Wedding Photographer

I've known Jeff for years, and it was a real treat when he contacted me to take some engagement pictures of him and his fiance, Nikki. We prayed for good weather since they were both only in town for a couple days and my entire week was already booked solid. I was worried luck wouldn't be on my side and hold off the bad weather two days in a row, first with Justine, then with Nikki and Jeff, but fortunately, the rain completely missed us!

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite session types to photograph because you always have such happy, willing people! I am lucky enough to have clients who will do just about anything for a good picture, these guys were no exception. From climbing on bridges in high heels and a fitted skirt, to laying in potentially damp grass in their nice clothes, they didn't mind a bit.

As most of you know I'm a sucker for gorgeous eyes and Nikki has long lashes and beautiful green eyes that just pop, love that! While I'm not shooting their wedding, I was excited to meet Nikki and wish them both all the best!










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