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Cayden | Greensboro Baby Photographer

Doe-eyed: Having wide-open, innocent-appearing eyes. That's Cayden, he has such beautiful eyes and perfect, curly eyelashes. Which fits perfectly with his adorable smile. Cayden is such a happy, beautiful, and very talkative 3-month-old baby. This was the first time I'd seen him since he was a newborn. I was expecting a little guy, but when I went to pick him up I was surprised that he felt heavier than my 8 month old little peanut. This little guy is a whole lotta cute and personality! ash_0494 ash_0383 ash_0371 Cayden2 ash_0446 ash_0408 ash_0456 ash_0350 ASH_0548 ash_0470 Cayden1 ASH_0568 ash_0449 ash_0444bw ASH_0607bw Cayden ash_0543 ash_0466

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