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Charles & Jeasun | Binkley Chapel Wedding Photographer

Charles & Jeasun had their wedding at Binkley Chapel in Wake Forest last weekend.  The ceremony was beautiful, the bridal party: gorgeous, and the event, a whole lot of fun! They had a nice sit down dinner at TPC Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh, followed by a lot of dancing.  These last two weddings I've shot have blown others out of the water with how many people are out there shakin' it on the dance floor! And the girls were rockin' the poses...sorry guys, they smoked you! I hope ya'll love the picture overload you're about to get:) ASH_0813 Charles wrote a letter to Jeasun to read before the ceremony. ASH_0795_2 ASH_0795_3 C&J9 ASH_0815 C&J6 C&J ASH_0816 C&J14 ASH_0819 ASH_1263bw ASH_1214 ASH_0823 Jeasun's dad sat there for a long time before the ceremony, I thought it was sweet. ASH_0845 C&J1 ASH_0853 ASH_0858 ASH_0872 ASH_0926 ASH_0875 ASH_0930 ASH_0879 ASH_0910bw ASH_0967 I love how you can see Charles, his parents, and Jeasun's mom's expressions in this picture! ASH_0972bw ASH_0986 ASH_1037 ASH_1041 ASH_1057 ASH_1089 ASH_1244 ASH_1218 ASH_1217 C&J5 ASH_1211 ASH_1242 ASH_1264bw ASH_1365 ASH_1209 ASH_1210 C&J11 ASH_1205 ASH_1170 ASH_1198 C&J17 ASH_1190 ASH_1342_1 ASH_1370 ASH_1202 C&J13 C&J10 ASH_1187bw ASH_1176 ASH_1200 ASH_1339 C&J15 C&J12 ASH_1377 ASH_1418 ASH_1382 C&J4 C&J7 ASH_1397 ASH_1438 ASH_1393 C&J16 ASH_1745 ASH_1395 ASH_1460bw reception: I'm always a fan of when the wedding party enters in a fun way...if you do, you might just end up on my blog! ASH_1483 I feel like the Best Man and Matron of Honor look like celebrities in this picture. ASH_1496 ASH_1503 ASH_1506 ASH_1740 ASH_1610bw ASH_1605 C&J3 ASH_1930 ASH_1821 ASH_1817bw ASH_1721 C&J2 ASH_1812 ASH_1794bw ASH_1874 C&J8 me and the hubs:) Thanks, Dan for taking the picture! ASH_1892 ASH_1828 ASH_1904 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Yeh!  We're so excited we could be part of your wonderful day!

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