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Christal | Greensboro Maternity Photographer

One of my good friends is pregnant with baby boy #2.  Before he makes his grand entrance in a couple months, we had to take some pictures of her in her glowing state.  Isn't she STUNNING? 

PS- I know there are a LOT of pictures in a similar pose of her laying down...but I loved them all, I even deleted a few I was planning to put up because I thought it was a little over the top:/ 

Anddd, I've never read the book belly laughs, but so many of these pictures remind me of the title:) Birthday Cake7 ASH_4062 Birthday Cake3 ASH_4036 Birthday Cake9 ASH_4060bw Birthday Cake ASH_3986_1 Birthday Cake2 ASH_3932 Birthday Cake10 ASH_3928 Birthday Cake8 ASH_4037bw Birthday Cake1 ASH_4092bw Birthday Cake6 ASH_4077bw Birthday Cake4 ASH_4039bw Birthday Cake5

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