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The Isom Family | Greensboro Family Photographer

Cayden has a photo shoot every 3 months.  Here he is at 6 months! ASH_4119 ASH_4474 ASH_4175 ASH_4264 ASH_4256 ASH_4298 Cayden5 ASH_4337 ASH_4242 I always love the close-up shots of this little guy with his daddy ASH_4493 Cayden4 Cayden was ALL ABOUT some leaves, it was pretty hilarious. ASH_4380 ASH_4209 Cayden3 ASH_4282 ASH_4445 I love how Rod is looking at Courtney in this next picture. ASH_4423 Cayden2 ASH_4406 Cayden1 ASH_4469 ASH_4345 Cayden ASH_4439 ASH_4361 ASH_4405 ASH_4347 ASH_4432

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