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McKay | Greensboro Senior Portrait Photographer

Somehow, amongst the freezing cold weather, light mist, and dense fog McKay managed to smile, laugh, and shine. It's nearing the end of Rachel's senior project time with me, so I really wanted to get out and shoot with her. Unfortunately, the day we planned for ended up being so gross. I thought it could be a valuable experience, since shooting circumstances aren't always ideal, so we went ahead and shot and managed to still get some nice shots of our beautiful subject. Thanks McKay for being patient:) ASH_9427 ASH_9428 McKay8 ASH_9511 ASH_9520bw McKay7 ASH_9499 ASH_9534 McKay6 ASH_9521bw ASH_9498 McKay5 ASH_9492 ASH_9444 ASH_9470 McKay4 ASH_9497 ASH_9535bw McKay3 ASH_9453 ASH_9422 McKay2 ASH_9491 ASH_9431 McKay1 ASH_9443 McKay ASH_9540bw

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