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The Hansen Family | Greensboro Family Photographer

Hayley and I are kindred spirits, we even share the same birthday, and were in the hospital the same time having our babies (six days before our birthday).  She does my hair, I do her pictures, we just mesh well.  She and her husband are self-proclaimed "really unphotogenic people"... well we proved that theory wrong earlier this summer when we took these pictures.  She has since warmed up to being in front of my camera and this time had her husband's whole family join in the fun while everyone was in town for Christmas.  What a wonderful Christmas present for everyone, especially the parents! 

You may recognize this shoot from the last post...I was still shooting the Hilton family when the Hansens pulled up and switched places:) 

Hansensbw copy Hansen5 ASH_9282 copy ASH_9312bw copy ASH_9156 copy Hansen2 Hansen8 ASH_9278 copy ASH_9195 copy ASH_9321 copy ASH_9268 copy Hansen ASH_9202 copy Hansen7 ASH_9189 copy ASH_9296 copy ASH_9263bw copy ASH_9222 copy ASH_9176 copy Oh, make me laugh! Hansen3 ASH_9315 copy Hansen6 ASH_9322bw copy ASH_9168 ASH_9180 copy Hansen1 ASH_9201 copy ASH_9332_2 copy ASH_9186 copy Hansen4 ASH_9254bw copy Thanks for toughing it out in the cold and doing everything I asked, Hansens:) Ya'll are great! 

Oh and happy birthday, Jenna! It was littler sister's birthday and she didn't mind one bit spending some of it in the freezing cold taking pictures, that's my kind of gal! 

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Carolyn said...

Every picture is fantastic!