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Jeff & Hilary | Raleigh LDS Temple Wedding Photographer

I met Hilary when she moved to NC and we instantly became friends. In fact, within less than a year she was one of my bridesmaids! Now she's getting married and I couldn't be happier for her. 

She and Jeff met in Durham and both graduated from Duke so it was very fitting that we did their engagement photos on Duke's campus and in downtown Durham.
I was a little worried about the shoot (I hope you guys couldn't tell!) because in an e-mail I got from Hilary she said, "We don't really like the pictures of couples looking at each other and in weird embraces. Ha." 

I LOVE when couples look at each other in photos (in non-awkward ways) and I wasn't quite sure what she meant by weird embraces, so I wasn't entirely sure what they wanted:/ Luckily when we got together things just clicked and the camera loved them both. Hilary even let me get some shots of them looking at each other, with a little help from Jeff pulling her forehead to his: Jeff & Hil7 and I'm so glad she let me, because I think they look awesome!  They just capture so much emotion:) These two totally worked the camera and their bridal shoot in a few weeks is going to be epic! Jeff & Hil8 ASH_1869 Jeff & Hil6 ASH_1877 Jeff & Hil5 ASH_1888 Jeff & Hil12 ASH_1995 I LOVE her eyelashes: ASH_1938bw Jeff & Hil11 ASH_1941 Jeff & Hil9 ASH_1943 Jeff & Hil10 ASH_1947 copybw ASH_2012 ASH_1997 Jeff & Hil4 ASH_2074bw ASH_1949 Jeff & Hil3 ASH_2090 ASH_2063 ASH_1946 Jeff & Hil2 other classic examples of them looking at each other and looking SO. dang. cute! ASH_1972 ASH_2065 ASH_2081 copy ASH_1858 ASH_2064 Jeff & Hil1 ASH_2088 Jeff & Hil ASH_1977


Anonymous said...

Hillary is a fashion pretty and so happy. These are incredible photos. She will be a beautify bride. Helen

Holly said...

another fantastic shoot! you captured them perfectly. Hilary is one hot bride-to-be!!

Cami said...

Stunning! Hilary is a dear old friend and it brought me to tears how you captured her beauty! Well done!