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Extended Family Photos at Duke Gardens

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a photo shoot until this one. Between Eileen's contagious laugh, John's goofy (and sometimes sassy) poses and most of the gang crackin' jokes...usually at my expense, we had fun! 

Now before you all start thinking they're mean for teasing me, I made the mistake of wearing a Carolina sweatshirt on Duke's campus...the night of the Carolina v. Duke game.  The majority of the family pulls for Duke, ugh.

5 ASH_2143 Do you recognize this cutie on the left? You've seen him on the blog a couple times before. He is one of my very favorite babies. Ever. Between his total and complete cuteness, he has the best personality too. It started getting pretty chilly by the end of the shoot, and while he might not have been all smiles, he was still in such a good mood! I just love him. Those cheeks, those chocolate brown eyes, his smile, his eyelashes...everything. Raegen and John, can you please make like ten more of him? That'd be great:) 21 ASH_2188 20 ASH_2214 19 ASH_2212 18 ASH_2231 17 ASH_2238 16 ASH_2315 13 ASH_2326 15 3 ASH_2390 10 ASH_2272 7 2 12 John is such a good sport... ASH_2391 14 ASH_2454 9 ASH_2458 8 ASH_2531 11 ASH_2558 22 6 ASH_2581 4 1
You can tell when this family gets together they have FUN! Thanks for trusting me to capture your family, I hope you like the photos!

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