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Hilary Bridals | Duke Gardens Bridal Portraits

I love when the groom comes along for the bridal shoot, it allows so much more time for the romantic shots of the bride and groom that wedding day schedules rarely permit. Jeff and Hilary's wedding is in just over a week and I couldn't be happier for them, or to be part of their big day!  The theme of their wedding is vintage and Hilary's dress, veil, and lipstick capture that classic look so beautifully. ASH_2690 ASH_2876 bridals8 ASH_2829 ASH_2907 bridals1 ASH_2842 ASH_2915 bridals ASH_2757 ASH_2887 bridals7 ASH_2790 ASH_2864 bridals6 ASH_2687 ASH_2890 ASH_2853 bridals5 ASH_2895 bridals9 ASH_2937 bridals4 ASH_2919 ASH_2786 bridals3 ASH_2923 ASH_2765 ASH_2862 bridals10 ASH_2811 ASH_2940 bridals2 ASH_2795


Angela said...

Beautiful pics of Hilary! Congrats to them.

Susannah said...

I love the ones of her looking up showing the birdcage, and of the two of them standing in all of the flowers! What a beautiful park!