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Matt & Ann Wedding | Raleigh LDS Temple Wedding Photographer

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! I'm so happy they're married and I got to capture their beautiful day. There was a big threat of rain all day, but the weather ended up being SO nice and we didn't even get a sprinkle the entire time! What luck!! ASH_8810bw ASH_9156 ASH_9092bw ASH_9045 ASH_9177 ASH_9083 ASH_9151 deets ASH_9113 ASH_9239_1bw ASH_9171 ASH_8964 ASH_9072 details ASH_8976 ASH_8996 ASH_9016 ASH_9008 ASH_8990 ASH_9025 ASH_8984 ASH_8968 ASH_8973 ASH_9021 ASH_9064 ASH_9152 ASH_9099 ASH_9030 ASH_9087 ASH_8961 ASH_9180 ASH_9168 ASH_9000 ASH_9316bw ASH_9153 ASH_9078 These guys crack me up! ASH_9125 ASH_9136 ASH_9132 ASH_9121 ASH_9295 ASH_9240 ASH_9074 ASH_9409bw ASH_9035 ASH_9245

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