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Lily & Summer | Greensboro Newborn Twin Photographer

Meet Lily and Summer, the two newest members of the Lung family. They are absolutely perfect in every way. Congratulations to Sofia & Peter on their second and third beautiful babies! ASH_9994 ASH_0029 ASH_9944 ASH_0022bw ASH_9978 ASH_0032 ASH_9990 ASH_0001 ASH_0024 ASH_0070 ASH_0035 ASH_9929 ASH_9950 ASH_9925 ASH_0058_8x10 ASH_0037 ASH_0014bw ASH_9985 ASH_9931 ASH_9972


Jessica Brown said...

Oh my goodness. So adorable! Beautiful pictures too.

Mindy and Larry said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad that Lily and Summer are safely here!