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Hilary Bridals | Summerfield Wedding Photographer

Hilary wanted to go somewhere different for her bridal portraits so we went to Summerfield Park.  I've been there several times taking my munchkin to the playground and going for walks with other moms, but never shot there.  Although it started sprinkling when she arrived, we were able to take pictures until there was no more light and got everything we needed.  Hilary will be such a gorgeous bride in less than two short months!! ASH_0268 ASH_0251 ASH_0183 ASH_0189 ASH_0199 ASH_0294 ASH_0200bw ASH_0215 ASH_0267 ASH_0301 ASH_0308 ASH_0254bw ASH_0176 ASH_0198 ASH_0187 ASH_0250 ASH_0291 ASH_0206bw ASH_0217 ASH_0310 ASH_0201 ASH_0161 ASH_0306

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