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Greensboro Newbon Photographer | Addison

Oh Addie, you beautiful, loved, little girl, it was truly my pleasure to meet you! 

A couple weeks ago I got to see one of my best friends from middle school and high school and meet his beautiful wife and new baby girl, Addison. As I was editing these pictures I couldn't help but see Ethan's mischievous smile in all her little (and big!) smiles, grins, and smirks. 

 It brought me back to middle school where we would make fun of our teacher, Mr. Waters on our way to math class, or the look he gave the rest of us when my mom had to pin the boutineers on all the guys the night of our Junior year prom because us girls either kept or were too afraid of pricking the guys. Even though we lost contact for a while I never forgot what a wonderful friend he always was. 

  When my phone rang about a month ago and I heard the words, "Hey Ash" I knew immediately who it was, he might prefer to be called Ethan rather than E-money these days, but his voice, laugh, and the famous "are you serious right now?!" look are not things you would quickly forget, even though it's been ten years since high school, wow! 

Danielle and Ethan, it was so wonderful to see you, you've got a gorgeous family. I look forward to seeing and photographing you again in the future! Now enough strolling down memory lane, look at these cute pictures and go snuggle that precious baby:)

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