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Greensboro Family Photographer | The Suco Family

I loved taking the Suco's family photos last year.  The light, their outfits, everything was perfect.  This time around Becca wanted to do a fun photo shoot of her kids playing with the grandparents who are visiting from Ecuador. What a treasure for everyone! Among all the grandparent and playing shots we were still able to sneak in a few of just Becca, Frank and the kids. I have a feeling they'll be getting some new prints for their home very soon;)  As I was looking through last year's photos I noticed two things.  1. Carolina has started smiling a lot more and she has a beautiful and really cute smile, and 2. Mateo still has daddy long legs for eye lashes. Seriously, do you see those things?! They're gorgeous and never-ending!
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Anna said...

What a beautiful Greensboro family! You captured those brown eyes so beautifully <3

Stephanie de Montigny - Newborn Photographer said...

That little boy's great big eyes are gorgeous! Those lashes are to swoon over!