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Mallory | Greensboro Senior Portrait Photographer

When I met Mallory I was instantly struck by her beauty, she reminded me of the beautiful Gloria Votsis in the show, white collar the hubs and I have been watching recently. She was the perfect model and did everything I asked without complaining...lay on your back, check. Lay with your feet in the air, check. Twist your body this way, that way and any other way you can, double check. What a trooper:)  ASH_5513 Mallory3 ASH_5334 ASH_5450 ASH_5381 ASH_5289 Mallory2 ASH_5225 ASH_5423 Mallory1 ASH_5246 ASH_5487 ASH_5377 ASH_5311 Mallory ASH_5394
Good luck with the rest of your senior year, I hope it's a memorable one!

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