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Rachel | Greensboro Senior Portrait Photographer

Rachel is GORGEOUS.  If I said just that, it would be enough, the pictures would back me up.  You'll be seeing more of this beautiful young woman on the blog since she chose photography for her senior project and asked me to be her mentor.  This shoot was totally unrelated to said project, but we tied in some learning about lighting and posing while we were at it, bonus!  I love a smart, driven person, and Rachel is that plus killer eyes and a cute little bod.  I always ask her if I can have her arms;)

I never knew her eyes were such a crazy pretty color, then again I don't normally ask her to lay down and look this way and that to get that perfect catch-light in her eyes;)  Man, they sparkle! Prepare yourself for a fall eye candy feast. ASH_5908 ASH_5658 Rachel ASH_5762 ASH_5935 ASH_5854 ASH_5861 ASH_5655 ASH_5825 ASH_5771 ASH_5902 ASH_5741 Rachel4 ASH_5651bw ASH_5926 ASH_6004 ASH_5912 ASH_5841_1 Rachel3 ASH_6001 ASH_5889 ASH_5650 ASH_5724 ASH_5801 Rachel1 ASH_5910 ASH_5892 ASH_6003 Rachel2 ASH_5880 ASH_5782 ASH_5920_1

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