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Cecil Family | Greensboro Family Photographer

I met up with the the entire Cecil clan last weekend to get some pictures of the whole gang.  After many hours of swapping, cloning, and repeating, I am ready to present the Cecil family portraits where all 29 people are looking at the camera (if the shot called for it)!

ASH_7176 ASH_7332_1 ASH_7419 ASH_7330 ASH_7329_1
ASH_7342 ASH_7369 ASH_7361 ASH_7319 MeeMaw Cecil:
Gary & Corneille:

Cecil ASH_7413
Doc & Tara:

ASH_7235 ASH_7386 ASH_7388 ASH_7461_1bw Cecil1 Cecil2 ASH_7460
Gray & Kelly:

ASH_7233 ASH_7217 ASH_7226 ASH_7401_1 ASH_7433 Cecil3 Cecil4 Cecil5 ASH_7432 ASH_7450bw Clyde & Ashley:

ASH_7300 ASH_7284 ASH_7293 ASH_7282bw ASH_7294 ASH_7283 ASH_7297 ASH_7381 ASH_7473 ASH_7545 Cecil10 Cecil11 Cecil12 ASH_7471 Cecil13 Cecil14 ASH_7470 Cecil15 ASH_7467 ASH_7281bw

ASH_7267 Cecil9 Cecil8
Kellen & Michelle:

ASH_7187 ASH_7205 ASH_7393 Cecil6 Cecil7 ASH_7491 ASH_7193 ASH_7198 Ty: ASH_7308 ASH_7309 ASH_7314 ASH_7307 ASH_7318 ASH_7166 ASH_7172


Corneille Cecil said...

The pictures are amazing!! We had such fun together, I recommend this to all our friends :)

Raegen said...

Couldn't have asked for a prettier day. Everything was perfect and the pictures are gorgeous! Highly recommend Ashley Clauss to all my friends/family.

sanind88 said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography...
Photo clipping