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Logan | Greensboro Newborn Photographer

Logan is such a little peanut. Weighing a whopping 5 lbs. 15 oz. when he was born, he's my smallest subject to date. When I saw him a couple hours after he was born I couldn't believe how tiny he was,  his head was the size of a little apple.  And speaking of being at the hospital, you should've seen his dad, he was a proud dad if I've ever seen one, it was really cute.  He had Tinley come over and see him and had the biggest/proudest (in a good way) smile on his face.  Congratulations Chris and Christal on your newest little angel.

Logan is such a chill, quiet baby and was an absolute dream to photograph:) ASH_8134bw ASH_8173bw This one might be my favorite, look at those lips! Plus I feel like it shows off how tiny he is. ASH_8190 ASH_8095bw He's learning early to smile for the camera;) ASH_8206 Logan ASH_8137bw ASH_8213bw ASH_8123bw ASH_8270 ASH_8079 ASH_8230 ASH_8094bw Logan1 ASH_8255bw ASH_8212 Christal is seriously so gorgeous. ASH_8082bw ASH_8234 ASH_8216 ASH_8060_2 Logan2 ASH_8278 ASH_8245bw This one makes me laugh out loud because it reminds me of when my mom used to make my sister and me hug after we had a fight and neither of us wanted to even look at each other. I see that in Dylan and Logan's future... ASH_8051 I love me some momma/baby love. ASH_8283 And I couldn't resist putting these up because I think her reaction to him was darling. Tinley LOVED him and kept crashing the session. I think she wants a little baby to hang out with. Tinley

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