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Nathan | Greensboro Newborn Photographer

Little Nathan was born with a heart condition where he had to have open heart surgery shortly after his birth.  Because of this, he was in the hospital for weeks.  He is now home and adored by his two big sisters.  We had a fun time shooting, taking jumping breaks, playing peek-a-boo, and of course snuggling cute "baby brother".

You may recognize his sisters, they've been in front of my camera before.

Joette wanted a few shots embracing his scar, I love these next two shots because in the first one it looks like he's winking and the second one he's showing how tough he is, showing off his bicep;) ASH_6819_1bw ASH_6830_1 ASH_7146bw ASH_6975 ASH_6968 ASH_7125 ASH_7062 ASH_6799bw ASH_7127bw ASH_6973 ASH_7122bw ASH_7004bw ASH_7147 ASH_7014bw ASH_6969 ASH_6987 ASH_6926 Nathan ASH_7015bw ASH_6844bw ASH_6960bw ASH_6982 I love me some pouty baby lips... ASH_6865 Nathan1 ASH_6970 ASH_6914 ASH_6978 ASH_6793bw ASH_7142bw_ 8x10bw ASH_6980 ASH_6864bw ASH_6958 ASH_6964 Nathan3 There's one thing I know for sure, there will never be a shortage of love for this little fella! We're so happy for you, Tanner family!

PS- do all these sibling shots make anyone else baby hungry for more or is it just me?!

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